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Exceptions for the AEA package.

AEAException Objects

class AEAException(Exception)

User-defined exception for the AEA framework.

AEAPackageLoadingError Objects

class AEAPackageLoadingError(AEAException)

Class for exceptions that are raised for loading errors of AEA packages.

AEASetupError Objects

class AEASetupError(AEAException)

Class for exceptions that are raised for setup errors of AEA packages.

AEATeardownError Objects

class AEATeardownError(AEAException)

Class for exceptions that are raised for teardown errors of AEA packages.

AEAActException Objects

class AEAActException(AEAException)

Class for exceptions that are raised for act errors of AEA packages.

AEAHandleException Objects

class AEAHandleException(AEAException)

Class for exceptions that are raised for handler errors of AEA packages.

AEAInstantiationException Objects

class AEAInstantiationException(AEAException)

Class for exceptions that are raised for instantiation errors of AEA packages.

AEAPluginError Objects

class AEAPluginError(AEAException)

Class for exceptions that are raised for wrong plugin setup of the working set.

AEAEnforceError Objects

class AEAEnforceError(AEAException)

Class for enforcement errors.

AEAValidationError Objects

class AEAValidationError(AEAException)

Class for validation errors of an AEA.

AEAComponentLoadException Objects

class AEAComponentLoadException(AEAException)

Class for component loading errors of an AEA.

AEAWalletNoAddressException Objects

class AEAWalletNoAddressException(AEAException)

Class for attempts to instantiate a wallet without addresses.

_StopRuntime Objects

class _StopRuntime(Exception)

Exception to stop runtime.

For internal usage only! Used to perform asyncio call from sync callbacks.


def __init__(reraise: Optional[Exception] = None) -> None

Init _StopRuntime exception.


  • reraise: exception to reraise.


def enforce(is_valid_condition: bool,
            exception_text: str,
            exception_class: Type[Exception] = AEAEnforceError) -> None

Evaluate a condition and raise an exception with the provided text if it is not satisfied.


  • is_valid_condition: the valid condition
  • exception_text: the exception to be raised
  • exception_class: the class of exception


def parse_exception(exception: Exception, limit: int = -1) -> str

Parse an exception to get the relevant lines.


  • exception: the exception to be parsed
  • limit: the limit


exception as string