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Scaffolding packages

Scaffold generator

The scaffold generator builds out the directory structure required when adding new skills, protocols, contracts and connections to the AEA.

For example, create a new AEA project (add the author flag using your own author handle if this is your first project using the aea package).

aea create my_aea --author "fetchai"
cd my_aea

Then, enter into your project directory and scaffold your project skill, protocol, or connection.

Scaffold a skill

aea scaffold skill my_skill

Scaffold a protocol

aea scaffold protocol my_protocol

Scaffold a contract

aea scaffold contract my_contract

Scaffold a connection

aea scaffold connection my_connection

After running the above commands, you are able to develop your own skill, protocol, contract and connection.

Once you have made changes to your scaffolded packages, make sure you update the fingerprint of the package:

aea fingerprint [package_name] [public_id]

Then you are ready to run the AEA.