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Sym link implementation for Linux, MacOS, and Windows.

def make_symlink(link_name: str, target: str) -> None

Make a symbolic link, cross platform.


  • link_name: the link name.
  • target: the target.


def cd(path: Path) -> Generator

Change directory with context manager.

def create_symlink(link_path: Path, target_path: Path, root_path: Path) -> int

Change directory and call the cross-platform script.

The working directory must be the parent of the symbolic link name when executing ''. Hence, we need to translate target_path into the relative path from the symbolic link directory to the target directory.

So: 1) from link_path, extract the number of jumps to the parent directory in order to reach the repository root directory, and chain many "../" paths. 2) from target_path, compute the relative path to the root 3) relative_target_path is just the concatenation of the results from step (1) and (2).

For instance, given - link_path: './directory_1//symbolic_link - target_path: './directory_2/target_path

we want to compute: - link_path: 'symbolic_link' (just the last bit) - relative_target_path: '../../directory_1/target_path'

The resulting command on UNIX systems will be:

cd directory_1 && ln -s ../../directory_1/target_path symbolic_link


  • link_path: the source path
  • target_path: the target path
  • root_path: the root path


exit code