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The command line interface is the easiest way to build an AEA.


The following installs the AEA CLI package.

pip install aea[cli]

The following installs the entire AEA package including the CLI.

pip install aea[all]

If you are using zsh rather than bash type

pip install 'aea[cli]'
pip install 'aea[all]'

Be sure that the bin folder of your Python environment is in the PATH variable. If so, you can execute the CLI tool as:


You might find useful the execution of the aea.cli package as a script:

python -m aea.cli
which is just an alternative entry-point to the CLI tool.


To ensure no cache is used run.

pip install aea[all] --force --no-cache-dir

And for zsh run:

pip install 'aea[all]' --force --no-cache-dir